Can I use a switch on the transmitter to ARM the motor instead of right rudder?

Is it possible to assign one of the switches and channels (like channel 5) on my transmitter to arm and disarm the motor instead of using the “right or left rudder for a few seconds” method?



Based on the documentation (, I don’t think it’s possible to do switch arming with ArduPilot. The motive behind rudder arming with a “few seconds” delay is a safety feature to ensure that the arming process is deliberate; i.e. you cannot arm a plane with an accidental flick of a switch.

I do know of other flight configurators (e.g. BetaFlight configurator) that allow switch arming but don’t think that is very applicable to ArduPilot.

Edit: Actually, if you do want a “pseudo-arming” switch you might want to consider setting up a throttle cut function for one of the switches on your transmitter. How it is done will depend on your transmitter model.

Thanks for the information Lau. Paul

a very unsafe workaround that I highly advise against is to always enable arming and then have a switch on the transmitter to change the gain/scale of the transmitter throttle channel to essentially kill it (apply 0.01 gain)

Depending on transmitter really. On Taranis with OpenTX you can set a switch to override throttle and rudder channels with needed values for a few seconds to do arming. If you want, I can give you the exact setup how to do that.