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Can I operate my rover using Encoder + RTK at the same time

I operated my rover with AR-3.4.2 in only encoder mode and it was working fine then I used RTK alone and still got good results.

Now I want to operate my rover using both RTK and Encoder at the same time.


Is it possible using both at the same time. ?

What can go wrong if you just try it?
But that aside, ardurover uses an EKF filter and will fuse the position data from both sources. So yes, it works. I use both on my rover.

The nice thing about a Rover! It runs into an obstacle, churns up some ground and disarms…


Hi Sebastian, I never said I didn’t tried it, I did but got poor results. It would be really helpful if you can help me with the parameters or can review my param + log file for better understanding.

Waiting for your reply.

I use a normal M8N GPS and wheel encoders. This works really well, once the initial position is acquired, the rover does not drift over the map, like it sometimes did with GPS only.
Perhaps the wheel encoders somehow degrade the position the RTK GPS reports?
Or there might be some errors in your encoder setup. CPR needs to be set per wheel rotation, so you must take the gear ratio into account, depending on your setup. The wheel diameter must be correct and the wheel position too.
Those settings can not easily be verified by looking at logs, because they require meassurements at the rover.

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