Can I make drone with intel aero compute board without external Fright Controller Board?

I ordered intel aero compute board. I want to make drone with it, but I know that it is necessary to make drone with external fright controller board.

There are compass and gyro and axis sensor on intel aero compute board ,so I think that I can make drone without external fright controller by building Arducopter on intel aero compute board. I was able to build Arducopter(3.4) on intel aero compute board.

But there is not PWM pin on intel aero compute board. I have to make PWM pin by GPIO pin.
Someone bless me nice idea?

I think you should switch to ArduCopter 3.5.6

The PPM Rc-In and PWM RC-Out are generated by the onboard FPGA.
Technically it is possible to make the thing flying using onboard sensors, but you will be on your own into uncharted territory trying to make it work :wink: