Can I install Mission planner into Here link?

Hi everyone
Am planning to buy Here link transmitter.
I have 2 doubt.

  1. Can I able to install mission planner into it.
  2. Can I able to stream the video from transmitter to my Laptop?


You have to update herelink fw to the latest (november) beta, it includes Mission Planner.

Thanks for the reply.

Video streaming to another device?


Yes video can be streamed on Laptop or Pc via Herelink. The connection between Herelink and laptop can both be wired or wireless.

Thanks for the reply.
Could you share the link to the procedure for doing that…?


Thanks for the video link

I have gone through the video.
There was no explanation on connecting other device to Here link transmitter.


By other device i meant laptop or computer. The connection is made by wifi or wored cable but u have to eneble tethering and then connect in the laptop using missionplanner. The Connection type is Udpci and the ip addresses are and
Port numbers u can use are 14552 and 14550. Hope this helps.

Will try and update…


I don’t bother with mission planner on my herelink, it’s way too busy on that small size screen. But with a connection to your laptop, it seems pointless. Even though I fly my herelink with solex, everything is done through mission planner on the laptop. Pretty seamless setup.

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Hi every one as A hobbyist I use the Herelink and fly on Solex,and since the last update I have had both good video and radio connections,once you are used to it it works very well now,buy and enjow