Can I fly my quadcopter using my radio's expo/dual rate?

I was curious if I can use my radio’s expo and/or dual rate to fly my quadcopter.
I want it to fly a bit more smoothly on the sticks e.g. indoor flight or for video recording. In other words less sensitive on the sticks.
I heared I shouldn’t use it on throttle and yaw, but how about pitch and roll ?
I’m not sure if expo and dual rate would conflict in any way with the flight modes like Loiter, Althold, Stabilise, …and especially with Drift mode.

I’m using APM 2.6 V3.1 with GPS and a DX9 radio.

It works fine and I often use it for pitch, roll or yaw. It’s especially useful in yaw if you want to do a very slow pan when taking video. There are arguments both ways whether it’s “best” to use either expo or dual rates. I tend to prefer using expo as I know that in an emergency I have full control by simply moving the sticks to their limits. I’f I’m using dual rate I’d have to switch out of it first. Using it on throttle would probably be bad news, but the other controls are fine.

As far as I know there’s no conflict with any of the APM modes. I usually use expo in either Loiter or Alt Hold if I’m trying to get decent video. Works great.

Thanks a lot !
As soon as the weather is on my side I’ll try.

Agree with OH. Some amount of Expo is perfectly fine to use, and I do. -40% on RPY. But dual rates are tricky, as you can’t arm or disarm unless you’re on full-rate.

I find the system is flying so well now, that with some negative expo, there just isn’t any need for dual rates anymore anyway.