Can i exclude a single motor from braking?

Hi, i have a rover with a single drive motor and i have added an additional motor output in the config to control a pwm switch for reversing lights but i want to activate motor braking as the drag the ESC is putting in at neutral throttle is not sufficient but this will obviously trigger the reversing lights on the additional output i created, is there a way to disable braking for that output?

Im sure this is not possible but it would be even better if i could also have an output that only triggered when ardupilot was adding braking to the motor, i designed my rover with brake lights in addition to reversing lights but there is no provision for servo actuated mechanical brakes in rover sadly so they along with the disc brake are not currently hooked up :frowning:

Thanks, Steve.


Hi, I’m afraid we don’t have a way to specify one throttle output as using braking and another to not use braking…

You can use separate throttle and brake, but you need to set them up so that the
throttle channel has a

1500us min
1500us trimi
2000us max

This will only let the throttle servo move when the stick is going in the forward half of the range.

1000us min
1500us trim
1500us max

This will limit your brake servo to only work when the stick is at the lower half of the range.

The only downside of this approach is your only getting half the travel on the servo.

The other route to getting work would be a lua script, it would give you a lot more flexibility.

Ahh ok, thanks for letting me know.

I had mixing like that to control separate throttle and brake servos when it was a basic 50cc petrol with no FC which is easy to do on the Tx but now its electric and i have put on an FC and Ardupilot, it isnt that simple as i could do all the mixing i like on my Tx but it wont have any affect on the vehicle in Automated modes and needs be be doable in Ardupilots config :frowning:

yes you can do it on the flight controller its just not very straightforward using the SERVOx_MIN, SERVOx_TRIM and SERVOx_MAX parameters.