Can i configure auto disarm delay and arming stick combination?

Hi all,

first question: can i configure disarm delay? It seems to be present in the Plane firmware, but not in the copter. Maybe different names? Or another way to do it?

second: can i change the way i arm my copter? Instead of the rudder right i would use the classic rudder left + pitch up + ail right (dji style, mode 1). Is it configurable?

many thanks

Update: i found DISARM_DELAY parameter which should address first question.

Hi, I dug around in the code for a bit to answer your second question:

    int16_t tmp = channel_yaw->get_control_in();

// full right
if (tmp > 4000) {

    // increase the arming counter to a maximum of 1 beyond the auto trim counter
    if( arming_counter <= AUTO_TRIM_DELAY ) {

It seems the full right rudder stick is hard-coded at the firmware level, so thereā€™d be no way to change it without modifying the firmware.

ok, i see . Maybe i can work it out.