Can I add a DIY pan tilt base for a cam on IRIS+ ? (photos)

Hi everybody:

                            Hi I'm new at this fórum, I came from the otherside (NAZA/PHANTOM), I install a Fatshark system on my Iris+, I build this servo based pan tilt base, this is just for fun, I think that the installation is OK.. At begin I just want to fly with the cam I don't think to active the servos but now after those flights ( really nice at all ) I can stop here. I wonder if I can conect to Pixhawk to control the pan tilt from the remote. Somebody can help me!? I have other copters but I have to say this is really fun to fly. It transmit fine I need to know if I can connect it, if yes where? and then how to setup the remote? Other thing wich is the better cannel to transmit with the fat shark... I have some noise at the video! I am not a expert I am new to this. The interesting here is experiment with this config (I have it in my house) and I want to install properly, so I can learn something new about the servo setting up... THE ENJOY OF THE EXPERIMENT I dont want to buy, I have another one that have all the device atached yet. I want to do this for fun and the felling of do it by my self. I don't know if do you follow me? BTW sorry about my english... Thanks!!!