Can Guide mode be controlled by RC transmitter

As official instruction mentioned that guide mode is controlled by GCS Mavlink ,If it can be control by RC transmitter?

GUIDED mode ignores RC transmitter. If you want the RC transmitter to control the vehicle switch to other flight mode.

"GUIDED mode ignores RC transmitter per definition"on other words,means can do “per definition” to fullfil this function ?

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Sorry above post information had some misunderstanding.Now I think that as you said RC transmitter didn’t support guided mode,do I?
but I also consider somthing interesting that RC transmitter is a part of Copter system,and all modes function were defined in the firmware code.
MAVlink protocol also a part of code architecture,why not combine them(RC transmitter and MAVlink) together,thus,control copter maybe do not need companion computer. and "a stick pull/push of transmitter which takes the place of companion computer.

All flight modes in the firmware function according with the Arducopter flight modes documentation.

Mavlink support is integrated in the firmware and works fine, if you use the correct flight mode and read the documentation.

I think you are looking for Loiter flight mode

You can change the flight mode using both the RC transmiter and/or Mavlink commands.