Can DJI Aeroscope track MAVLink based UAVs?

This may be a touchy topic for some, but can DJI’s Aeroscope Drone tracking system identify and track MAVLink based UAVs like a drone running Arduplane and using MAVLink as a telemetry link?

When Aeroscope initially came out they said it would only track their (DJI) own, but they had mentioned that as the system evolves it would be able to track others. To me, this is less than ideal, not that I am breaking any regulations, but this system puts my (and other’s) system security at risk. How does one protect a MAVLink based UAV from this type of system?


they track only dji, and only the ones that does not disable their “licensplate” packets with a hacked GO software.

In short terms : Aeroscope is a vendor specific tracking system, with a large amounts of hype added.

yes, in the initial press releases they stated it was currently only for DJI products. BUT… they were going to add functionality for other manufacturers.

My concern is that these systems are available to anyone, not just LEOs . My understanding is the mobile unit is <$5k.

How can we prevent this system from intercepting MAVLink? Is there an encrypted version of MAVLink?

i can not speak for aeroscope but there are devices in that i know of that can spoof

unencrypted mavlink through sik radios for example
several frsky protocols
graupner hot
jeti telemetry
futatba protocols
some lrs protocols for example ezuhf
many more…

if you send non, or badly/trivial encrypted packets wireless… stuff like that is not too difficult.
MITM attacks, spoofing, or jamming is the way to go.