Can Cube Black be used in a Quadplane?

Hey out there in Arduplane world. I am wondering if the Cube Black can be used for a Quad Plane. If so are there any issues or requirements to make it usable. I have been told to use the Orange, but I have an unused Black in my drawer so thought I would ask.

Black is fine. It lacks the CPU power of the more modern flight controllers, so CPU-intensive activities like live FFT will struggle or not work, but otherwise perfectly OK.
BLHELI only available on the AUX outputs.

Hey Shawn
Thanks for the response. Right BlHeli on the AUX outputs…I think AUX is where the quad motors are run, however the pusher motor is on a regular pwm channel. Is the Cube Orange BLHeli ready on the regular PWM outputs.
Or can I use a Pixracer Pro instead. I know it’s BlHeli Capable on all ports.

The Cube Orange wont do DSHOT on the main outputs, Aux only just like the Black.

Thanks Shawn.
All I really want is ESC telemetry if it’s possible. I have a PDB under design that pulls in the ESC telem from all motors including the pusher so I want to get that if possible. Dshot on the pusher doesn’t really matter at least based on my understanding of a quadplane.

What about Pixracer Pro I wonder.

If you need to use dshot’s esc, you can try CAUV nora or X7; all of their channels support DSHOT.

Cubes will give you 6 Dshot outputs. Not much more to say about that. Black is obsolete. What this comes down to is IOMCU outputs (no Dshot) and FMU outputs (Dshot capable). And that’s it…

You don’t have to wonder about PixRacer Pro., no IOMCU. Mr. CUAV, the same. As is the case with many supported Flight Controllers.

Hey Dave.
you lost me a bit on the Pixracer. I am pretty sure it supports Dshot as I run it on a number of my pixracer based machines. Am I missing something.
Also I just need four motors running Dshot. The 5th pusher motor can be standard pwm as it doesn’t require the rapid changes that the quad motors need.

Nope. All outputs on Pixracer are Dshot capable because it does not have an IOMCU. Cubes, and other FC’s, have an IOMCU, typically called “Main Outputs”. These are not Dshot capable.

It would be a good idea to review why the IOMCU co-processor even exists:

Ah I get it
I was originally planning on a cube orange or something comparable

Lots of time yet.