CAN communication with Pixhawk

Hi everybody! I’m new to Ardupilot.

In our autonomous vehicle project we use MicroAutoBox II as main unit and we would like to attach Pixhawk with Piksi to the system.

Where can I find details on how the Pixhawk communicate over CAN and what information can we get from it?

Is there any update on this topic?

Hey there,

Ardupilot support sending some messages over the CAN bus with the UAVCAN protocol. You can refer to


The AP_UAVCAN class supports following messages:

  • Transmission of 1010.ArrayCommand to servos
  • Receiving of 1001.MagneticFieldStrength
  • Receiving of 1028.StaticPressure
  • Receiving of 1029.StaticTemperature
  • Transmission of 1030.RawCommand to ESCs
  • Receiving of 1060.Fix from GNSS
  • Receiving of 1061.Auxiliary from GNSS

Instructions for setting up the CAN Bus can be found here:

And for UAVCAN:

Are you trying to do something specific?

Thank you very much for the quick response, frizensami.

I am about to start to setup the MicroAutoBox II to communicate with the Pixhawk.

Asked above question to see how far this topic has gone through so that I do not waste of time.

If there is anything related with this topic, please share it with us.

Our mission goal is to setup the MATLAB-Simulink model based Pixhawk SW development tool chain.