Can bheli 30a emax esc calibrate once?

Hello @mrhobbies , welcome to the community,

Yes, it can be calibrated once, or multiple times. But once is enough.

If you configure it with dshot 600 then you do not need to calibrate it at all

hi,i have a problem with my pixhawk everytime i clibrated then reboot ,it cannot spin the motor,and the blue light indicator flashing,is there any solution do u have?

My solution is to read and follow everything written here How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter using ArduCopter 4.4.x

You need to provide more info, like a paramater file, and what were the results of using mission planner motor test?

Ok i ask something,if can connect battery and usb cable both on pixhawk while testing?

nick_parameters.param_b.param (16.4 KB)

Yes, you can and should connect both.

When connecting always connect the battery first.

When disconnecting always disconnect the usb first.

how about my parameters,is there something wrong…

ok,what version of mission planner u used?

my status of my pixhawk,everytime of calibration there is spinning motor but after reboot ,nothing works ,then i check the servo out ,nothing,

My guess is that you have not yet understood how ArduCopter works, and you are doing invalid tests, that can not work. Read my previous posts.

In order for the motors to operate all the sensors need to be calibrated. The only proper way to test the motors is doing a “motor test” in mission planner. The motors “can not” and “will not” behave like you expect if certain conditions are not met.

If calibrating DSHOT ESCs is the perceived problem, there is a fundamental configuration issue. Start at the start. Configure per the documentation. Use the tuning guide linked above to fill in any blanks.