Can ardupilot do this mission? (max climbing speed etc.)

We need to control the copter with a programmed mission, for a particular work.
Can you tell me if, with ardupilot, I could achieve this? It seems that with DJI products i can not do the following:

-The mission shall program the copter to move between the waypoints with a vertical climbing speed of 8m/s.

-each waypoint shall be reached with the minimum time, reducing the time for the positioning on each waypoint (no need for smooth movements)

-the mission shall consist of up to 20 waypoints

-the copter shall start the movement from a waypoint to the next after a programmed number of seconds elapsed from the launch of the mission, (on DJI products instead, the hold time is measured from the moment when the waypoint is reached, alter the stabilization phase ).

All these requirements are needed in order to allow an external device, to detect the copter in a precise point in a precise moment.

Could you reply with the following information for each required feature?
-ability of ardupilot to satisfy the requested feature
-parameter to set in order to achieve the feature (if known)
-possible workaround (in case the feature is not supported)

climb rate is fully configurable, as long you have thrust needed, there is no problem.
as for the timing relative to mission start, I am not so sure, ArduPilot can do timing relative to mission items and absolute time.
but then you can command at at any time you like using a scripted GCS , or python + mavproxy, because the mavlink telemetry can do these things anyway.