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Can antenna tracker work on omnibus f4 board ?

Hello, I have a question. Can antenna tracker work on omnibus f4 board ? if it works How can
I do it ?

Here is the firmware target for it.
Follow the Wiki:

I am thinking of making this system with raspberry pi and wifi adapter. Can i it do that ?

If you success, let me know you did it. I just cant wrap my head around how to config the whole thing! I use a Raspberry Pi4 as GCS (a win10 pc for testing right now). I have a Rapsberry Pi Zero W with APSync image installed for wifi like between the tracker and the GSC (it also works by using a ESP8266 wifi adapter with mavesp firmware). This whole part works fine.

What I cannot get working is passing the telemetry of my plane to the GSC. I’m using a TBS controller with MAVLink over wifi. If I connect both the controller on the pi zero, i can connect to both the tracker (UPD 14550) and the plane (UDP 888), but using 2 UDP connections. Maybe that’s normal and I just don’t understand how it should work. Or maybe it’s just a matter of forwarding port 8888 somehow (mavproxy)?

It’s frustrating because there’s no detailed documentation about how to do it this way and I didn’t much useful support on the forum yet.

apsync software, can works on apm board ? do you know ?

Apsync is a Raspberry Pi image. So no. You need to flash your apm board with the tracker software.

maybe i will use omnibus f4 board. This board more stronger than apm.

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