Can a set of waypoints be moved as a group?

Once I plot a set of waypoints to create a mission, I would like to move that entire mission to a new location. In other words, if I create a star shape centered at point x, can I move the entire star to location y? I would like to select all the waypoints and drag them to another point on the map rather than moving one waypoint at a time.


Edit the .waypoints file with a column selection editor. Select the coordinates and paste them into a spreadsheet. Add what you want to longitude and latitude and paste the results.

Copying the whole .waypoints file and pasting on the spreadsheet should also work (delimiter: tabs).

No, can’t do that…

Edit: Well I was wrong, you can as Andras says!

Press CTRL and click+drag your mouse, you can select as many waypoints as you you want then you can move them together.


Didn’t realize that, thanks Andras.

Thanks, very nice.

I constantly edit .waypoints file (changing altitudes, inserting ROI’s, etc). If needing to move a precise length the spreadsheet method should be fine, but, for example, inserting a text mission and not being the waypoints where you want them, the drag method is the solution.