Can a faulty clone power module change an arduplane parameter value?

Hi everybody,
I have a clone Pixhawk with a clone power module installed on an airplane with AP 3.8.

All was working ok, maybe 5 or 6 flights without problems, but today when I turn it on, the power module is measuring 150 to 170 amps while the plane is idle, and one parameter (arming_require) always had been set to 0, and now is set to 1!

Is possible that the faulty power module can corrupt the internal memory and change that parameter value from 0 to 1?

Or how is possible that a parameter value changes by itself?


in short: the power module can’t change params on you. The changed current readings could be a couple of things: different GCS software/versions, or damage to the current sensor being the most common I’ve come across. Could also be reading the wrong pins (which is a param) - is voltage still reading OK?
Re params, this is a bit unusual. Do you have before and after logs/param files? Also, which GCS software have you been using?