Can 3DR external LED kit be used to power other LED's?

I bough the long awaited External LED kit form 3Dr. Works nice. Very bright I can see it even in bright sun. However I see no great place to put it that it would be noticeable at altitude and farther than 10 meters or so.

I have several LED’s on the underside of my quad for orientation and night flying. I would like for %50 them to blink or change color when the battery gets to the warning stage just as the single LED does. Assuming I can solder is there a way to do this using the 3DR LED board? Thanks

For DIY-modifications, DIY-Drones is the better place. But the short answer is yes. Search for the long topic about the LED in the Pixhawk forum (IIRC you posted in there also). In this topic, I wrote the type of the LED and the type of the control IC. If you can solder, it should be no problem to unsolder the LED and solder wires to a little driver board which controls your LED strips.
Personally, I would think, it would be easier to get the Toshiba driver IC and make a new board or simulate it with an Arduino.
But - as I wrote - DIY-modifications belong to DIY-Drones and are off-topic here.

Excellent thank you