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Camera triggering problem!

(suriyadil) #1

May someone help to analyze this log?
i’m doing camera triggering in mission planner, but pixhawk cannot trigger the camera, i using ch7 to trigger the camera…

i’m using sony rx100 m3 and seagullmap2

My log:

pls help mee

(plusmartin) #2

what aux port are you connecting the camera to?

ch9 -> aux1
ch10-> aux2

these are now called SERVOx in the parameters (instead of chx) (plane v3.7), ensure you select the correct channel and use SERVO9_Function = 10 (for example).
then go to initial setup-optional harware-gimbal and check if trigger tyep is enabled and with the correct output channel.

also, if you are triggering using SERVO remember to press the SAFETY SWITCH.

see: Cannot trigger camera in plane