Camera Trigger times out

Interesting problem triggering camera. RC ch7 set to camera trigger. When you first power up the aircraft you can press the camera trigger switch on the radio controller and the camera will take a picture all day long. Then once I load a mission with trigger events to the aircraft, the camera stops triggering. If you fly the mission, mission planner shows trigger events as it fly’s but once the SD card is reviewed there is no images. You have to cycle power on the camera to trigger camera again. The camera is a FLIR VUE PRO. I have built 30 or so of these aircraft exactly the same and only 2 are showing this behavior.

Log files Here

Sorry log files aren’t working, trying a new upload shortly.

Figured it out. I had paralleled
I think too many TX lines out of the telem 1 port. When I dedicated a serial port to the camera its triggered correctly after mission being loaded and the GPS information was correct and not erroneous.