Camera Trigger.... TimeInterval

I’d really love to see a new command added to simply trigger the camera based on a time interval instead of distance traveled. Maybe I’m an edge case but I’m trying to run my cameras essentially as fast as I can and the problem I’ve identified is that I essentially get missed triggers if the aircraft goes just a little bit too fast (tailwind, etc). So, I was thinking, why not trigger the camera based on a time interval so slight changes in airspeed don’t impact the camera trigger interval.

Another solution to my problem would be slowing the aircraft down some so I’m not right on the edge but the fact that airspeeds have to be integers and that I’m already flying at just 2m/s, it doesn’t leave any wiggle room.

As a side note, I’d also love to be able to control two relay pins for cameras that require you to trigger the focus and then the shutter and have a programmable delay for the shutter which might also make syncing multiple cameras easier.