Camera trigger defaults in Grid mission setup

I’m trying to set up an aircraft with a Flir Duo Pro R for use in the field, by people who aren’t 100% familiar with arduplane and MP. The aircraft will mostly be running Auto-mode corridor and grid missions. The aircraft is fixed wing, meaning I need a high capture rate to get good data, which the Flir isn’t great at. It requires a relatively long trigger command to actually work, and will not store pictures if triggered too quickly by the autopilot.

My intention is to set the Flir onboard settings to continuous capture, and have the aircraft start taking pictures at the start of each grid line and have it stop doing so at the end of each line. The most reasonable way I can find to do this is to use the Do_Set_Servo command, with the channel and PWM values set to match my aircraft and camera settings. This IS one of the options in the grid setup menu.

My problem is, I can’t seem to get those settings to stick between instances of the grid setup window. I have to re-select Do_Set_Servo as my trigger type every time, which isn’t the case for the other options. In addition, it always defaults the servo output of that command to 5 with PWM values of 1100 and 1900. I can live with those PWMs, the Flir is configurable enough to let it work, but servo 5 isn’t my preferred camera trigger servo and I’d like to avoid moving outputs around if I can. So I want that value to default to 8 instead.

In summary, I want to have the grid setup window remember my particular defaults for camera trigger type of Do_Set_Servo, and camera trigger channel of 8 instead of 5. Is this possible?

@lowlyelevated - I gave up on trying to get the Duo Pro R to reliably trigger the camera, but was using the digicam control function available via the camera trigger settings in MP. Have you found the Do_Set_Servo commands to be more reliable?