Camera Target Coordinates, custom maps, and joystick settings

Hey there!
I have Arduplane on a pixhawk and a servo gimbal connected to it. I used to notice a blue location marker on the google maps indicating what should be the center of view of my camera with the respective coordinates next to it. But recently i stopped getting that and I don’t know why. Anyone know how to force that info to show in mission planner? Also, would anyone know how to implement that info onto a minimOSD?

Maps: (Solved in another discussion)
Also, I have my own GeoTiff data that i would like to use instead of google maps, but when i choose “custom” in the options it wouldn’t let me browse to anywhere…


  1. I was playing around with a newly bought joystick and found out that you can use it to alternate between Mount Mode, however when i try to set a channel to a certain mode (i.e. rc targeting) the gui does not let me do that.

  2. What does “gimbl-pnt-track” mean ?

@Michael_Oborne would you please help in these matters ? Thank You! :slight_smile: