Camera Shutter always triggering in MP

Hi all,
I have a problem to use camera shutter in MP.
I’m using Seagull MAP2 to convert servo signal to sony RX100 signal to triggering camera.
After i set the shutter channel (i’m using RC7) and set the others paramater to triggering camera where 1700.
After that the signal from shutter (rc7) always 1700 and triggering the camera without stopping.

is that any bug or my own false setting?

im using arduplane 3.7.1

I think you don’t set it to relay

need to use relay?
MAP2 use servo signal right?
Correct me if i’m wrong

My mistake, I made confusion with Seagull MAP v1.
Try AUX port instead rc7, I have behavior with these port

RC1-8 is 490hz. Apparently the device does not handle that, use AUX ports that run at 50hz

yes but what about this post :

Hi Kikislater…
before using RC7 i’m using aux2(rc10) and it also giving the same result…
the pixhawk output always send 1700 signal to map2.
from what i has observe, if the pixhawk has no gps signal, the signal from pixhawk is neutral (1500), then i try to arm my plane outdoor with GPS signal, then the output from pixhawk always 1700 send to seagul map 2.

is that camera has some effect to GPS?

will try aux port again…

I’m not an expert but in my own experience, every camera send bad signal to gps if camera is too close from gps.

how far camera and gps position should be?