Camera Settings on Canon S100

Hi Guys

I need help with the CHDK setting for my Canon S100. We are flying at 8m/s and a height of 80m. The images are very blurry. I’ve tried to change the shutter speed up but this has not worked.

Any help will be appreciated.


Try these settings;

ISO = 100 (or 80-160)
Aperture = f/2.8 (or lesser value)
Shutter speed = 1/1600 (or higher value)
Manual Focus = infinity
Intervalometer = 2 seconds

I always try to keep the ISO as low as possible. On very bright days I sometimes will increase the aperture up to f/3.5.

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You could also try this CHDK Lua script, which attempts to maximize shutter speed while keeping the ISO setting to a usable range you define :

KAP UAV Exposure Control Script

It has quite a few other goodies and recently has been made to shoot at rates faster than 1 shot per second, sync’d to position over the ground by a pixhawk servo output.