Camera Resolution (SX260HS)

Using the Canon SX260 SX280 HS.XML Camera setting when planning a mapping route - I’m using an altitude of 100m here… I get a footprint of 101 x 137m and a resolution of 1.15cm/px - 50% overlap gives me 68.6m between images, and sidelap, 40.4m at 60%

However - I question these numbers heavily.

A footprint of 137m at 1.15cm/pixel would be 9133 pixels long. The SX260Hs is only 4000 x 3000 pixels

This calculator - - using sensor size of 6.17mm, focal length of 5mm, image cols of 4000, image rows of 3000 and altitude of 100m gives me a resolution of 3.08cm

My own spreadsheet ( download ) also spits out 3.1cm/pixel with a footprint of 122.4 x 91.8 meters.

What gives? I’m assuming DroidPlanner is getting something wrong here?

Hello djellison thanks for pointing that out, those numbers do look strange.

I do not have the time now to fix this (finishing up a release), but if you are willing to take a look we all could gain from it (as you seam to have the necessary knowledge). These are the two files you need to concern yourself with:

This is the file with the camera parameters used in DroidPlanner (for the SX260) … 0%20HS.xml

And this is the file that handles all the calculations needed for converting Camera data into ground projections: …

Please add a issue at Github so we can track the progress, and don’t forget about this issue. … state=open