Camera Projection Real Time

It is any possible way to show camera projection view in mission planner map real time?

Sure, with a suitable camera and some programming. (There are vendors who has such extensions for their camera system). But this function is almost exclusively used in law enforcement and patrolling solutions, so it won’t be part of the standard Mission Planner in the foreseeable future.

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For camera projection what do you guys mean?

My guess is to show the area on the map, where the camera looks at.

Ok i got that. Do you have any guideline or tutorials that i can follow it through.

mission planner did implement this a tiny bit with a storm32. however there are too many configurations that complicate this to make it a generic solution.
it depends alot on your gimbal/axis movement/camera/FOV etc.

I look at the tutorial in ardupilot about storm32 it told how to config it but it didn’t tell how to activate or show it on map.

Ah ok, understand