Camera pointing using ROI

I know this definitely confused me in my initial testing of ROI and I have read some other posts where it has confused some others. Not sure where to post my request and I can move this post to a different section if needed.

My gimbal is 3 axis, however the gimbal cannot pan the entire 360 degrees. I have put the limits into the gimbal setup (+/- 120 degrees), however when the gimbal hits these limits due to the ROI being behind the copter, the copter will still not yaw to put the gimbal within limit and instead the gimbal will start to behave erratically. I know if I disable the PAN control channel the copter should yaw to the ROI (this is not really documented in the wiki and would be a good add). I would like not to disable the PAN channel however if possible.

I guess my request is to have the ROI function look at the limits set in the gimbal controls and position the copter as necessary if the ROI point falls outside of the angle the gimbal can point. Maybe it can already do this and I just don’t have it set up properly. Please let me know if I am missing something.

Thanks for the consideration.


Hi Ryan,

Sounds like a good idea. Feel free to add this as an enhancement request in the issues list. I can’t immediately promise when we will get to this but it seems like a good idea to me and i do plan to put some work into the gimbal drivers in the coming months.

Thanks! Will do. Really appreciate all the developers do. I know it is a lot of work.