Camera gimbal pan acting like switch channel instead of analog channel

I’m having trouble getting the PAN function on my 2 axis FPV camera to work with my Pixhawk. Everything else is working great…I’ve flown some long missions. I have ch6 on the RC transmitter controlling pan, and it’s remapped by the firmware to CH 11 on the aux channels of the Pix so it can add movement correction. Both the dial on the Futaba, and the flight controller corrections make the pan swing full stroke, in either direction. If I yaw the plane, the cam swings full opposite direction. The pitch, by the way, is fine. It corrects like a control surface would. Any help would be great. I’ve tried reversing the RC channel, the Futaba channel, reversed the PID, reversed the PWM. Nothing works. It’s like a set of retracts, on or off. Any advise is appreciated.