Camera Gimbal not working in 4.1

I checked, My camera tilt control (Servo 09 / RC6 ) is not working in 4.1. Switching back to 4.0.7 make it functional.

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Hi @fqahmad66,

Thanks very much for giving 4.1 a try. Could you post a log file of it not working? If necessary set LOG_DISARMED = 1 if you don’t want to arm the vehicle. This will give me more information on what gimbal driver you’re using, etc.

I am stuck in EKF2 yaw inconsistent error loop so reluctant to fly. BTW have pinpointed gimbal motor magnetic interference to EKF error. When I disconnect gimbal power no error. I am using Storm32 BGC

Its a home made gimbal.

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Looking good, if you’ve got an onboard log that you can share I can help look into this.

This manufacturer says that it support mavlink . There will connect via serial Port.
I want to control the gimbal in gamepad joystick through mission planner.
Is there is any recommendations or how to do with mission planner ( how to select each function of the gimbal or configuration ).

Which Controller is being used?

A correction. It is not the gimbal motor or controller magnetism which is causing EKF2 Yaw Inconsistent error. It the temperature Drift as already established. Booting the Copter second times clears the error.

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Hi @kalai1219,

I’m not familiar with this gimbal but it does have a setup guide here on their wiki it seems.

My guess is that the setup guide for the Gremsy gimbal is perhaps the closest to what you need.

I might be interested in helping the manufacturer get their gimbal listed on the AP wiki (here) if they send me one (hopefully a small one). Maybe I’ll reach out to them.

Txs for this!

I still have the RC servo 09 output unresponsive in 4.1.0 beta . Cannot load beta2!


Sorry for the delay, we had build server issues that sadly took a couple of days to resolve. -beta3 is out now thanks for your patience.

Just to report that in 4.1 beta3, RC Servo 09/gimbal is working OK.

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Great, thanks for reporting back!