Camera Gimbal Control

I need help regarding assigning of multiple functions on a single channel of RC i.e for instance, how camera gimbal control i.e. pan, tilt and zoom can be used using a single channel. As per my understanding, this is possible by combining it with some other channel i.e. a single channel may be used for pan, tilt and zoom whereas some other channel assists in assigning these functions. The same functionality is available in DJI systems (A3 flight controller/Light Bridge 2) and it makes the camera control simpler. The Scroll wheel can be used for pan, tilt and zoom with push buttons assigning all three controls on scroll wheel. I would like to add this functionality in herelink and other RC systems for easier camera control. This may be more related to assigning of servo functions in ARDUCOPTER/MISSION PLANNER; yet it would be of a great help if someone can assist in this regard.
Thanks in advance
Yasir Khizar

@Michael_Oborne, Can u please guide in this regard?

This is not something that Ardupilot or Mission planner can do.
If a gimbal supports it (using one channel as control multiple axis, based on a second channel value) then you can do it. Otherwise It is not in the AP and MP code.

However, with a 10usd microcontroller you can add this functionality to any gimbal. I approximate about 20 lines of code on a Teensy3.2 microcontroller should do it.

Thanks for the reply. Actually, i found in the group mentioning that we can control such behavior via controlling the DEEP BEHAVIOR of RC functions in arducopter/MP. Do u know some app using on screen display for controlling the gimbal or simply we have to assign separate RC channels.
Thankyou in advance.
Yasir Khizar

I don’t get it. Could you link the discussion that you mentioned ?

@Eosbandi, Kindly have a look on the discussion mentioned in the cubepilot link.:

@Eosbandi, do u have any idea regardimg this?

I can’t make head or tail of this. As I said before, you cannot control two functions on one channel, tied to a function selector switch channel unless your gumball controller supports this. There is no “deep” behavior, only endpoints/trim and functions can be set with RCx_ parameters.