Camera Footprint Visibility

Can’t figure out how to turn on camera footprints, for survey grid or corridor missions- using Mission Planner build 1.3.7961.38854.

I know this functionality has worked in the past, and I actually only need it to graphically show a client that their requirements may be overkill. The colored numbers (for overlap) show up on the left side of the screen, but not the actual polygon footprints. Am I missing something simple here?

Tried multiple Windows workstations with different graphics cards to rule out the possibility of that affecting footprint visibility.

Does the footprint functionality still exist?

It looks like a bug. Unless you have a valid home location (not Planned, but valid from a vehicle) grid footprints are not displayed.
I made a PR to fix it and use PlannedHomeLocation instead of Actual. Hope it will be merged soon.

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