Camera feedback on Mission Planner

Up until recently, I used to get camera feedback on the flight data screen of mission planner. I used to get green camera dots and a purple square to indicate the footprint of the picture taken.

That has all gone.

I’m using Pihawk2 cube with arduplane 3.8.4 and mission planner So all very new. I am using a servo to push the shutter button on the camera, using one of the auxiliary outputs.

Am I doing something wrong? Did something change?

My logfile is here:

I got the same thing earlier this week. Noticed no camera feedback although cam/trig messages were logged in the dataflash. Running latest mission planner and Arducopter Octa 3.5.5. Not sure if it is related as I havent had a chance to look into it but I usually have a lead in/.out of 50 feet when flying a grid. This last photo at the end of the flight lines were not captured, but in an alternating pattern.

It’s not you, it’s mission planner. I was running 1.3.50 with everything working. I upgraded to 1.3.52 and flew a few missions last week and lost the green camera icons. I uninstalled 1.3.52 and reinstalled 1.3.50 and then used mission planner to play the tlogs from last week and the camera icons showed up.

Sounds like a possible bug? I posted this on the Facebook page and another person indicated they had same issue.

Opened an issue on github. I’ve seen this in a few places now too.

working ok for me. so I will add some more debugging to the process, and get you guys to test

I can confirm after roll back to version 49, it works again. I can play back the telemetry file and the camera icons and footprints are there.

As per version 53, it is working again.

thanks for the feedback on this

Hi Michael,

After flight, I want to Geotag the images. I use CTRL-F, go to geotag images and use the TLOG from my PC.

This used to work, but it doesn’t anymore. Actually, it works, but the output format on the image reads:

Latitude 85084700;0;0
Longitude 988077011;0;0
Altitude 573.65

I think it should read:

Latitude 8;50;8.4700
Longitude 98;8;077011
Altitude 573.65

or similar.

Can you please have a look at this?

are you in a country that uses , vs . ?

I don’t know what vs is. For your information, I’m in Thailand.

I noticed that the geotagging works, but the output format is wrong.

If I use the .bin file from the SD card from the autopilot (in my case pixhawk 2.1 from jdrones) it works fine. Then, the pictures are geotagged correctly.

from the tlog you are using cam messages? or gps messages?

Cam messages.

Do you need sample log files? I’m not at my pc now, but I can send later today.

that’s all I needed, it should be fixed in the next version.

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Wow, that was fast. 1.3.56 working. Thank you. 1 more small issue. During geotagging, mission planner used to give an update after every picture that was tagged. Now, is silent until all pictures are tagged and you get the whole list at once. Not a big issue, but with many pictures, it is silent for a few minutes. People might think MP hangs…

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latest beta should fix the update, wont push a new release version just yet.

No problem. Thanks, I’ll try the beta and let you know.

Hi there,
I connected the feedback using the *shutter open" pin out of my camera but I don’t see any icon appears on Mission Planner: they appear only during a fly in Auto mode or I can see them also in loiter or when drone is disarmed?
I scope the pin and the signal arrive to pixhawk and stay down for 5ms during trigger
many thanks

I think the dot on the map is based on the trigger command, not on the feedback. But I’m not so sure. I don’t use the camera feedback, and have all the dots.

I use arduPlane and use the “Trigger_Camera_now” command on the ground and I receive the icon only if the feedback is received. Without feedback, no icon appears. Maybe you need to have the autopilot trigger before it can receive feedback? How are you triggering on the ground?