Camera Control Question from a Noob

Ok - I’m buying all my stuff and learning everything my brain can absorb but I’ve got a question on FPV camera control.
On my RC receiver I’d like to set it up to use CPPM. That way I can use lots less cables and with the FrSky D4R2 receiver, it’s tiny and lightweight and in CPPM mode it gives all Eight channels output with RSSI and FailSafe.

My question is, will the APM decode the channels 6 and 7 so I can directly control normal Servos on a simple Pan&Tilt mount ?

I’d like to use channel 8 later, when I save up and buy a Go-Pro, for the camera shutter trigger.

I think that this is possible, and that this is the whole purpose of the Camera Gimbal section in the APM Mission Planner, it’s just that I’d like the definite answer to this simple question. :confused:

I would like to use the simple Pan&Tilt mount without any stabilizing input from the APM.
Just simple left-right & up-down from channels 6 and 7 from my Turnigy 9X Transmitter.
These channels are labeled “Hov Pit” and “Hov Thr” on my Transmitter and are simple to use rotary potentiometers. ( Just round knobs i can twist to move left-right or up-down)

Is it really this easy ?? :smiley: I hope it is.
I have to say that the APM Absolutely ROCKS – The thought, energy and enthusiasm that’s gone into this Brain-in-a-Box is incredible. And although I am a complete NOOB, I am learning heaps with all the fantastic help available online through forums like this one.

As you’ll see this is my very first post :mrgreen: but definitely not my last.
Catch you all later.
Nanoagent - out …

I’ve gotta say, I didn’t expect this to be such a hard question.
Or maybe I expected more intelligent people to browse this forum.
Guess I’ll have to lower my expectations in the future.
Bye all.

Maybe the reason is that all of your questions are extensively answered in the APM and Copter documentation. As the forum rules and the “Read this before you post” say, you are expected to study the documentation before posting questions!

Nano, if you just want a direct control for tilt and roll/pan, then connect directly your receiver’s output to the corresponding servos, bypassing APM! That is what I do to manually control my camera tilt without APM interfering with stabilization in between.

@Stefan, I find the way you react to Nano’s question not so friendly and furthermore what you say is not correct: he could not have found an answer in the current wiki for his question. My interpretation to explain why he’s not getting an answer is that this forum is not used much; most members are still on diydrones which is much more user convenient than this old fashioned forum. I know I already said that but I repeat it until it is necessary to get corrective actions from who decides.

I find it impolite to ask questions which are explained exhaustively in the documentation. The support in this forum is given by volunteers which are sacrificing their personal time which they could spend with their hobby or their families to help others. The least I expect from a newbie is a minimum of own personal initiative, i.e. reading the documentation and using the search function / Google before asking a question.
His following reaction

[quote=“Nanoagent”]Or maybe I expected more intelligent people to browse this forum.
Guess I’ll have to lower my expectations in the future.
Bye all.
was in my opinion downright impudent, considering what I wrote about volunteers being here. … ilization/