Camera control from Pixhawk

Hello, I’m using a Dji A3 in an octo,
Willing to had an RTK system to the drone to be able to get the exact coordinates in the picture exif.
DJI RTK is quite expensive…
We are using a 2 man team 1 pilot and one camera operator.
Can I use the DJI A3 in the Drone for flight and adding a Pixhawk 2.1 with a GSNN Here+ RTK and having an FH318Z V2 HD camera from
can I get the coordinates recorded in the Exif of the pictures from the Pixhawk?
In fewer words using Pixhawk HERE+ instead DJI RTK
Hope someone helps

Look at this topic: HERE+, PPK, and Hotshoe Feedback Processing

It is not ready quite yet, but I think it will be soon.

For what you are doing, I recommend an Emlid Reach PPK kit. Then you won’t have to have a practically useless flight controller.

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IMG_20200601_135013-01-02-01 I don’t receive cam messages from seagull hotshoe. My parameters are that. Something wrong?