Camera control depending on MODE

Is there any way to control a gimbal with the remote (pass-through) when not in AUTO mode, and have that control change to the selections that I have chosen in the mission when in AUTO mode?

In other words, I would like to control the camera with my hand-held remote when in STABILIZE (or other manual modes) and have the camera controlled by the mission settings when in AUTO mode.

You just need to change the gimbal mode, and that one is independent of the flight mode.

I can’t find any parameter that contains the words “gimbal” or “camera” or “mode” that would do what I want.

Could you please give me the specific name of the parameter you are describing?

Look for mount mode


The only thing I found was


Which does not appear to do what I want.

Not sure what version of firmware you are running but these are available:

I’m not able to connect or use a new param file, but I’ll check when I get home. I’m in Germany right now. Thanks.

send a MAV_CMD_DO_MOUNT_CONFIGURE mavlink message.