CAM trigger not working properly

I am using ArduPlane for many years and I am very satisfied with the work of it and the development!
We use fixed wing planes for mapping applications on our arable farm. ArduPlane worked well but since a few days the camera is not triggered properly in auto missions. I haven’t changed any settings before. Strange thing is that on the ground everything works perfect. I have attached a log which show the problem. The whole mission is a mapping mission but it seems that shutter is only triggered randomly.
Can somebody explain what the problem could be?
Used components:
Holybro Durandal with ArduPlane 4.0.9
Sony A6000 with trigger and hotshoe feedback cables
GCS: Mission Planner 1.3.74

I think I found the problem:
I used a 20 mm Sony pencake lens before and at the time of the shutter problem I used a Sigma 19 mm lens (SIGMA Shop | SIGMA 19mm F2,8 DN | Art).
I swapped the lens for testing and the problem disappeared!

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