CAM_TRIGGER_DIST and Trigger camera now - behaving differently?


I’ve got a Sony a6000 with an IR trigger on my UAV. To test the trigger I tried to use Trigger Camera Now in MP, but this only works intermittently. There is no pattern to see, sometimes I can trigger two or three pictures in a row and then nothing again for any subsequent triggers.

If I set CAM_TRIGGER_DIST to 0.1 (I’m indoors by a window so the GPS position will shift continuously) the trigger fires without issues.

The trigger has a LED indicator that if I use CAM_TRIGGER_DIST goes off when triggered. Interestingly Trigger Camera Now does not do this even if the trigger works.

So my question is, is there a difference in how Trigger Camera Now works? Why would it be inconsistent?


Hi there,
I have the same issue.
Was wondering if you have made any headway on this topic.

Kind regards.

Sorry Thomas, I haven’t had any luck with this.

Use one of the directly wired triggers. IR are nothing but trouble outdoors.