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Hi, i had to test take picture using cam_trig_dist command automatic. like in auto grid it will have command automatic set by MP, now i want to test set cam_trigg_dist automatic but only use line not autogrid. can i do that thing? only use line that i mean to set automatic cam trigger.

thanks for help


i think this should work. I tried it in Rover some time ago and it worked with a simple mission (no grid).
You might just try to test it on the ground. Put in the distance and go for a walk with your setup :slight_smile:


Hi Linus,

Thanks for this fast reply… will try it soon

I believe Linus is correct. set your distance and the camera should trigger.

David R. Boulanger

Thanks david, yes it was running well


if i use do_set_cam_trigg_dist with manual point, what other other parameter should i set? to make shutter running well, because when i tested it, the trigger no running

You set the Delay in Mission Planner to the distance between pictures.


David R. Boulanger

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