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Calling student programmers: Google and Ardupilot 2017 Summer of Code

Great news: On February 27th was selected as a participating 2017 Google Summer of Code organization.

Sponsored by Google, GSOC is a unique program matching open source organizations and students interested in participating in open source development.

Spend your summer break writing code and learning about open source development while earning money! Accepted students will work with an Ardupilot mentor, and become a part of our large and growing open source community, working with world class programmers. Many past GSOC students also became lifetime open source developers!

Google Summer of Code is open to post-secondary students, age 18 and older in most countries. For more information, please visit the GSOC section on our forum server for this unique opportunity!

Be sure to read Ardupilot’s GSOC 2017 welcome message, along with information for prospective students


GSOC 2017 here we go again. cant wait to see what the devs will come up with!

Adding dynamic no-fly-zones, predictive weather dependent range optimized navigation and sat-comms integration would be handy for the OBC… :slight_smile:

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