Calibrating DJI ESC with Pixhawk WITHOUT RC Controller?

Hello, I am working on a project where my end result mimics that of the Lily Drone coming out next year; that is an autonomous follow-me drone that uses GPS and object recognition to find and follow a target for it’s flight duration.

This drone doesn’t need an RF antennae or controller for it’s purpose, and as such I have not purchased these components. However I am having trouble calibrating the motors on my drone due to this, as in the instructions you need to set the throttle low to calibrate the motors.

Is there any way without an RF controller to calibrate and set up the ESC with the motors so they work?
I am on a budget, and if possible, I’d like to do this without having to purchase these components. I am aware that having a manual override is preferred for autonomous follow-me drones, however this is not what is desired for the product I am designing.

Thanks! :smiley:

Hi, you don’t say what ESCs you’re using, but the smaller E300 ESCs I used to use don’t need any calibration.

I have these ones.

So far the motor tests don’t do anything, so either I need to calibrate or the motors are not connected properly. I have only plugged in the GRD and PWM, while I leave the +5V red wires disconnected.

We did do a lot of soldering work with banana plugs, and this may be an issue, but the connections seem very firm as we tried pulling on the plugs and they would not come out.

After retesting it again this morning, one of the motors is working for the motor test. So I guess it must be a soldering issue then. I’m gonna have to take everything apart and resolder the connections.