Cadastral parcels in QGC?

For my job I will need to cartography forest cadastral parcels using “survey mission”.
Does anyone knows if it is possible to add a layer with cadastral parcels ?
Or add any shapefile (shp) over current map … ?

The only current ability is to create a survey using the polygon specified through a KML file. Not sure if that is helpful or not.

Many thanks for your answer !

It is possible to create a KML file with QGIS. But how to use a KML to create a survey ?

Using a Daily Build ( select Open KML from the Sync button.

Ok, Thanks !
I can see the new option. I will try to use it in the next days.

That’s perfect :slight_smile: !!
I could create a vector layer in QGIS with a cadastral parcel as polygon, and then export it as KML.
Then I could import the KML in QGC, and the Survey has been perfectly created.
Good job !

If the KML contains more than one polygon, only the first is used to create the survey. That’s not a problem for me, but one has to know it. It’s important to create one KML (with one polygon) for each survey you want to add to the mission.

Thank you very much for this great enhancement.

Tested with Linux daily build 2018-07-13 (not tested with latest android daily build, because I don’t know where to put the KML on the tablet : “no files”)

On an Adroid tablet. QGC will have created a QGroundControl directory in the file system. If you place the KML file into QGroundControl/Missions then you can load from the Plan view.

Ok thanks. It works great with latest android build.