CAD Documentaion for custom 3D printed housing

First time to this forum, so my apologies if this is a duplicate question.
I am planning on buying the Pixhawk2 and put it into a custom 3D printed housing.
I can’t seem to find any CAD drawings in the documentation that show the specific dimensions and locations of mounting holes / etc. I am expecting to mount the whole module as it comes … so the internal dimensions not as important as the external case including the height of the cube module above the main module.

Thanks in advance!

I am also looking for CAD models of the Pixhawk 2 as well as the other components like the here+ GPS. I am designing a multicopter and it would be great to have CAD models of the Pixhawk 2 as well as all the other components. What I have found already are those CAD models on Grabcad,
Those CAD models are most likely based upon the PDF found here: The PDF is called ASM_PIXHAWK2_Screws.PDF.
I have already contacted the manufacturer regarding this and will post the reply here. Hope this helps.

It would be very interesting to know if @proficnc is going to release any CAD models, only needed would be accurate model of the outer body with all the connectors located at the correct location. Otherwise we need to reverse engineer it to create the CAD models.