I’ve been reading about this new feature in the SOLO called “cablecam”

With Solo locked on a virtual cable in the air, you’re free to pan and tilt the camera without worrying about piloting the copter. Solo can even memorize the shot at each end point and fly itself from one frame to the next, while working the camera for you as smoothly and evenly as a seasoned pro.

It’s this easy: Just use the live view on your mobile screen to guide Solo to your desired start and end points. Once those are set, Solo is automatically locked to the virtual cable between them. Now you can focus exclusively on capturing the exact shots you want as Solo moves up and down the tracks—or just push “play” and let Solo handle the camerawork. And really: Even professional pilots can’t get these kinds of shots.

Will this feature be available for IRIS Plus anytime?

Hi All,

I’d really like an answer on this one too if anyone has got a firm handle on this.

Here’s my guess:

I’m guessing the answer is no as there’s more going on in the Solo than just the Pixhawk allowing this cablecam mode. It’s got to be something to do with the second computer on board that allows this level of control. To me this mode looks kind of like the DJI course-lock mode except with waypoints guiding it.

I don’t think this kind of IOC course lock mode is available on the pixhawk controller.

Ok feel free to shoot me down if anyone has got a better answer.