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Cable for 3DR telemetry and Pixhawk?

I am looking for a cable to go between my 3DR telemetry transmitter and Pixhawk. I can’t seem to find one, or even what the connectors are called. Anyone know where I can get one?

they will be either df13 or jst-gh connectors, if this is a original pixhawk it will be df13 and more than likely df13 on the 3dr telem radio. here is a good source of cables and you can even order custom cables!
newer pixhawk cubes use jst-gh connectors which are much easier to disconnect.

Thanks, yep, that looks like the one (the df13 in my case.)

This is the crimper if you ever want to make your own.

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MRobotics is also a good source for cables. They have different versions of the telemetry cable, depending on the model of the pixhawk

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I’m in similar situation. It would appear the 3DR telemetry cable connector is NOT a DF13. I purchased MRC0213-0001 (mRo 6-Pins JST-GH to 6-Pins DF13 from Mrobotics. Pixhawk end fits fine. DF13 is too large for the 3DR telemetry connection. Here are pics of the correct connector. I just need to identify what it is.

Looks like a Molex Pico Blade to me.

Thank you for the fast reply. I’ll try that and confirm if that’s it.

Check this out

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This is what I went with… Which has not actually arrived, but looks right to me:

*edit: These showed up and work great.

DF13 and Molex Pico Blade are very resemble but different. Gray is DF13, white is Molex Pico Blade.
Molex Pico Blade is often used for cloned products.

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I can confirm for my application that DF13 and Pico Molex are not correct. From RickyG’s image and comparing them to mine posted earlier, it appears to be a JST-SH 6-pin.

We’ll see when that cable arrives.

Yea unfortunately many manufactures do not follow the same standard at least not high quality parts don’t from what I have seen. Things are getting better in that most are going to JST-GH which is nice as the DF13 were a PITA to get out and would often pull the wires from the socket. I have 3 different radios and all three have a different connector which makes it fun I guess. I actually got tired of having to find the right connector on many of the cheaper parts and just de-soldered the connector and soldered wires directly to the pads, add a dab of electric glue to keep them in place and your set!!!

For me, I can confirm it is 6 pin JST-GH on my Pixhawks and 6 pin JST-SH on the 3DR Telemetry module, both pictured in previous post.

Good luck for everyone else.

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