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I came at it slightly differently, and was thinking of a more manual process that didn’t involve auto missions. I was thinking of a Cable flight mode that when you switched into it, would set position A. It would then fly like Loiter mode until a switch was thrown that marked position B. It would then fly much as you described, using the “pitch” control to specify the speed that it moved along points of the defined line segment. Roll input would not affect it but you would have full Yaw control. Sort of a super-simple loiter mode on a fixed line segment.

At the moment, we can have a “kind of” CableCam system using one of the options (Save WP) where a waypoint is saved. This creates points for a mission that could be played back.

HI Luis… What we have (at best) is being able to create a ‘Zip Line’ between two or more points which means no variable speed or direction control beyond the missions specific settings. It’s a far cry from a Cable Cam type function.

Sure, but that’s what exists at the moment, and native on the code.
For a more “CableCam” functionality the need for a companion computer is crucial. That’s what the 3DR Solo does.

I’ve used the method of the save waypoint with manual control of the gimbal (RC_Targeting) and variable mission speed on a pot on the radio. It’s not ideal but kinda works :slight_smile:

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I like the idea that a developer shared with me… "You would do a normal mission setup but instead of the aircraft traveling along the mission at maximum speed, the speed would be controlled by the throttle stick. So you could adjust the speed and heading. We could also make the throttle stick go both positive and negative so you are able to move backwards along the path as well."
The only thing I would change is to use the roll stick instead of the throttle stick for direction changes leaving the throttle alone (allowing altitude and yaw to be changed). I think this type of implementation saves time compared to actually flying the cable run (like the Solo) to establish waypoints.
In it’'s simplest implementation using only 2 points… Entering the mode the quad would fly to the first point and go into loiter waiting for the operator to control the movement along the cable run with the roll stick. If the roll stick is centered it would stop. If the quad reached either end of the cable run it would go into loiter mode again.

I replied in the other thread (should merge threads) so here is what I said there:

To provide continuity between Solo users and users of Arducopter, I use
both, as many other do, why don’t we keep the controls as similar to
Solo’s as possible. This way users will not get confused between the 2

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I agree and second what @Rusty_Jones and @LuisVale suggested. Use a companion computer as done with Solo, keep them as close to the same as possible, and call it a day.

Being the SW/Firmware is the same/similar, and the likelihood of 3DR surviving, safe and wise bet would be to emulate what has already been done and proven to work.