C-RTK2 HP low cost RTK and haeding (gps for yaw) module

It is a pleasure to share our latest achievement C-RTK2 HP with you. Only one module is needed to realize yaw GPS, and support more frequency bands to achieve high-precision positioning.
Its features:

  • One module has two antennas, GPS positioning can realize GPS yaw.
  • Low cost and high performance: under the same performance, the cost of use is lower than that of F9P modules
  • Support high-precision RTK, RTK error minimum 0.8cm
  • Support UART and Drdoncan, ArduPilot provides source code.
  • Built-in industrial grade RM3100 compass, supports GPS yaw and compass redundancy.
    AP4.4.0 stable firmware can run C-RTK2 HP perfectly.
    In order to communicate better, I publish this post to collect feedback and suggestions from all users.

More product information and tutorials:C-RTK2 HP Haeding and RTK Receiver · C-RTK系列GNSS

Actual flight test video:https://youtu.be/f7ayHconXpA