C# and MAVLink v2

Greetings MissionPlanners! A couple years back my team picked up and have been happy users of the C# code generator in pymavlink. A major factor keeping us on MAVLink v1 was the lack of parsers for C# and JavaScript in v2. However, as our needs have grown we’ve decided that the overdue move to version 2 is something that can’t be put off any longer.

My hope was to bring the C# implementation in pymavlink up to v2 with as little API breakage as possible. Spending some time in the history, it looks like the code in pymavlink was originally the same as that in Mission Planner, but some years back the relevant code from pymavlink was copied to Mission Planner and has continued development there. It seems like a pragmatic choice for Mission Planner not to have a submodule dependency on pymavlink. However, for our needs would it be reasonable for us to lift the code from Mission Planner back to pymavlink? Since this appears to be mostly @Michael_Oborne 's work, I was curious about “the rest of the story” and wanted to get his input.


MP has never used the pymavlink version. I do use pymavlink, but using my own implementation.