BVLOS - Where are we?

Hello Everyone,

I have been out for long time, too busy developing some VTOLS.

What is the latest on BVLOS as far as FAA goes and new emerging technologies?

Today I saw UAvinoics has developed a C-Band radio and Receiver solution, combined with a monitoring solution with Mission Planner? Still waiting on more details from UAvionics…

Please chime in your observations in this are and who is developing what lately?


interesting network proposal for the future, UxNB.

Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) support in 3GPP

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Maybe going forward this is a great milestone.

What does that have to do with the title of this thread?
Which went nowhere.

ArduPilot fly in BVLOS for long time in numerous countries, just need to follow or contact local regulators

I am not sure of your definition of long time, the only BVLOS information I can find in copter documents are these. A video on this is just last year.

more than 6 years.

We cannot document everything in the wiki, but the codebase got everything (or close to) to comply with most regulation on BVLOS

A leading drone manufacturer only casually mentioning it publicly two years ago. A product showcase only few months back.