Buzzer settings

Any way I can change it so the buzzer will go off with less then half the pack left.

Once the BATT parameters are all calibrated and set properly,
You can set FailSafe parameters

Set FS_BATT_VOLTAGE to say 10.8 for a 3 cell Lipo battery (3.6 volts per cell) - adjusting this will determine when the buzzer and LED indicate a failsafe.

You’d also need battery capacity set in the BATT params, BATT_CAPACITY. Set this to the normal capacity of your battery, example:2000 mAh

Ideally you’d also set the milliamp hours failsafe value, FS_BATT_MAH , assuming you always use the same battery or batteries of the same capacity.
Set FS_BATT_MAH for 80% of you battery capacity used:
example: 2000mAh battery, 20% remaining = 400mAh (put 400 into FS_BATT_MAH parameter)

Best thing to do is set all that up correctly and accurately, and either have:

  • telemetry so you can remotely see the voltage and current values somehow
  • or get an external voltage alarm that plugs into your balance leads and set it conservatively, say 3.7 volts , to allow you plenty of time to decide where to land.

Edit: fixed up wording and flow for better clarity (I think…)